Help us combat isolation during the festive season


The holidays are supposed to be a wonderful time of year, filled with love, celebration and kindness. Unfortunately, for LGBTQ+ people with prejudiced families the holidays can end up being a very difficult and lonely time. It's hard to feel unwelcome with those who are supposed to love you, especially during a time of year that's meant to be all about family and love.

To remind them that they are loved and not alone, The Rainbow Cards Project will be sending cards to all of our recipients who celebrate a holiday during December, which currently amounts to about 800 recipients. We need as many people to write cards as possible to ensure all of our recipients get some, so please consider writing! Please prioritise writing cards to named recipients from our Nice List as we have plenty of general recipient cards.

As well as cards, we are also in desperate need of donations! Sending 800 packages of cards all over the world is going to cost a lot, so we need to raise the funds to cover that. If we cannot raise enough funds we won't be able to send the cards, which would be devastating. Please consider donating here if you can, even the smallest donations help and without your support we won't be able to send any cards.

Please note: the deadline to get holiday cards to us is November 10th, this is to ensure enough time to get cards packaged up and sent for them to arrive with recipients on time.


With 800 recipients spread all across the world, the holiday season is going to be incredibly expensive for this project, and we desperately need your help to fund it. Currently we estimate it will cost around £2500, but this may change depending on how many more recipients sign up and how many cards we receive. If we don't raise enough funds we won't be able to send cards to those who need them, which would be so disappointing - so please consider donating to help ensure no-one is left feeling alone during the holidays.

There are a few ways you can help guarantee that we will have enough funds to make sure all our recipients get a reminder that they are loved this holiday season:

  • Shop our teespring store! We sell cute LGBTQ+ and feminism inspired designs, with all profits being split 50/50 between this project and Planned Parenthood

  • Donate supplies - find more information about this further down this page


Currently, we have about 800 recipients who celebrate a holiday during December, and that number is growing daily, so we really need as many people to write as many cards as possible! We're relying on the power and kindness of this community to come together and make sure that all our recipients are made to feel loved and valued during the festive season, and we hope you will help!

Here's a few things you should know:

  • Please make your cards small enough to fit in a C5 envelope (162x 229mm) - These are the envelopes we use to mail cards.

  • Please leave the envelopes of cards unsealed. If the card is for a named recipient please stick a sticky note with their name on the envelope or write their name directly onto the envelope (ideally big & with a nice pen so it looks pretty!) 

  • As always, you have the option of writing to a named or general recipient. If you wish to write to a named recipient, you can find the list of people you can write to on "The Nice list", along with a little info about each of them. Alternatively, you can write to a general recipient which just means you write the card without addressing it to a specific name, and instead write something like "Dear beautiful" or simply "hi!", which means the card can be forwarded on to anyone who needs one. Please note: currently we don't really need more general recipient cards so where possible please prioritise named recipients!

  • Cards can be handmade or bought, and it doesn't matter if they are Christmas specific or general holiday cards as the majority of our recipients celebrate Christmas so either kind will work. If you're writing to a named recipient, make sure you get a general holiday card or pick a card for the holiday they celebrate (named recipients are broken into lists based on which holiday they celebrate so it should be clear what type of card they require)

  • Please don't mention anything religious, or mention the recipient's family situation. Check out our Writing Guide for more information on what to say/not say and prompts for those who aren't sure what to write!

  • If writing to a named recipient, please write their name on the envelope or stick a sticky note with their name on it. If writing a general recipient card, feel free to write a nice message on the envelope like "Merry Christmas!" 

  • Feel free to decorate the envelopes with festive stickers and washi tapes, and/or include confetti inside the cards as a nice surprise!

  • When sending holiday cards, just follow the same process outlined on our  "Send a Card"  page and we'll do the rest! 

We ask that you aim to get any holiday cards to us by November 10th, as it will take some time to organise all the cards into packages and still be able to get them sent to our recipients on time.


Help make our cards extra festive and fun!

As well as donating money, donating supplies is an excellent way to help! Supplies help make our cards as special and enjoyable to receive as possible, and while that may seem insignificant, it makes recipients feel more valued to know that time and thought went into making their cards beautiful!

Things that would be useful include (in order of priority):​​

  • Holiday/Christmas themed stickers

  • Silver, gold & white pens or markers

  • Festive/Christmassy/wintery themed washi tapes (red, green & metallic tapes that aren't explicitly festive are useful too!) 

All donation supplies can be sent to our PO Box (The Rainbow Cards Project, PO Box 62, Axminster, EX13 9AN, United Kingdom)

You can also donate supplies by purchasing items from our Amazon Wishlist below:


One big way to help with our overwhelming need for cards is to organise a card writing event at your school, university, workplace or local LGBTQ+ group! Encourage your group or class to come together for an hour or two, buy a bumper pack (or several!) of cards - or get crafty and make your own - maybe invest in some festive stickers or fun pens, put on a playlist of your favourite holiday tunes, get in the festive mood and write a load of cards to LGBTQ+ people to whom your love and support will matter a great deal. Maybe even entice people in with some Christmas cookies or other festive treats! It's an excellent way to bring people in your community together, get them in the festive spirit and spread a whole lot of kindness to people who really need it. 

If you need any resources, such as posters to put up, get in touch via email: and we'll hook you up! 


[Please note: we are asking senders aim to get their cards to us by November 10th, so it's important to take that into account if you do plan a session, and remember to check how long it takes for mail to get from you to England.]


The last date to sign up as a new recipient and be guaranteed a Christmas card is September 10th.

This is because we need that time to ensure we have enough funds, cards and time to put the packages together and get them sent out in time for Christmas. Please understand that this project is run by one person and caters to over 800 recipients, so there is a huge amount to do in a very short time. Please do not be upset if you sign up after this date and don’t receive cards - you’ll be on the list to receive them next year!